Freya’s Birthday Meal

Delicious Restaurant

It was Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl’s birthday!

Freya had been looking forward to spending the day with all of her family. But Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit father hurried off to work.

Frasier was the chef at the restaurant in town.
Everyone loved that restaurant and looked forward to tasting Frasier’s delicious food.
Freya knew that everyone would be disappointed if he wasn’t there to cook their food, but she still felt a bit sad.

Teri the Chocolate Rabbit mother saw Freya’s glum face.
“Would you like to go to town with me?” she asked.

“Yes, please!” said Freya happily.
She got dressed up, and then she and her mother set off to town.

They met up with Freya’s big sister , Stella the young Chocolate Rabbit womanolder sister, and they all spent the day together. First they went shopping and then they went for a walk down the street.

“This is lots of fun”, thought Freya, “but I wish Dad could have come too.”

“Let’s go to Dad’s restaurant”, suggested Stella.

The family made their way to a table. Freya felt very grown-up indeed as she sat down at the table with its elegant settings.

But she still couldn’t see her father, because he was in the kitchen. Freya wished that she could have shared this lovely day with him.

When Freya and her family finished their meals, a spotlight fell over the grand piano and Lionel the Lion pianist sat down in front of it.

“I wonder what song he’s going to play”, thought Freya.
She sat and listened as the music began to play in the quiet restaurant.
It was “Happy Birthday”!

Everyone in the restaurant began to sing.
Freya couldn’t believe her ears.

And there was another surprise to come!
Her father came to their table carrying a big birthday cake!

“Happy birthday, Freya!” he said.

Freya was very happy indeed.
Her birthday wish had come true!

The End


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