Stella’s Fashion Show

Designer Studio

Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister lived in town all by herself!

She had arranged her apartment just the way she liked it, and she loved to relax there and work on her dress designs.

Taking it easy in her apartment was one of Stella’s favourite things to do.

But Stella was far too busy to relax today. Soon she was going to show her new dresses in her own fashion show, and she had to get everything ready.

Stella’s friends came to her apartment as often as they could to help her.
“Good luck with the fashion show!” said Lulu the Silk Cat older sister. “We’ll all come and watch.”

“Thank you”, said Stella. “What do you think would be a good colour for this dress?”

Her friends’ advice was very helpful for Stella.
Thanks to their help, she was all ready by the time the day of the fashion show came.

Lots of people came to watch the show.
Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl was one of the models. She was a bit nervous.

But Lulu put some makeup on Freya. Lulu was a makeup artist, and she was very good at it. Freya smiled happily.

The audience loved all of Stella’s new dresses, and clapped loudly.
The fashion show had been a big success!

At the end of the show, Stella gave everyone in the audience some special chocolates that Laura the Toy Poodle older sister had made as a thank-you gift.

“Thank you all for coming”, said Stella, her heart filled with joy. “You helped to make my show a success!”
It had been a busy but wonderful day.

When Stella got home, she sat down on her sofa to relax.

“Freya’s makeup went perfectly with her dress”, she thought. “Freya looked so lovely! And everyone loved Laura’s chocolates. Everything went so well.”

As Freya sat and thought about her lovely day, the doorbell rang.

It was Lulu and Laura! They had brought her a cake and flowers.

“Congratulations!” they said. “Your show was fantastic!”
Stella was thrilled. “Wow, thank you!” she said. “Come on in!”

And so the three friends had a party to celebrate the success of Stella’s show.

The End


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