The Gift of Chocolate

Town Girl Series - Toy Poodle -

Laura the Toy Poodle older sister was a chocolatier.

She made wonderful chocolates that looked just like jewels. Everyone in town loved them very much.

“Just looking at her beautiful chocolates makes me feel more elegant”, they would say.

Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister often came into Laura’s shop. Laura and Stella were good friends, and they chatted a lot while Stella ate her chocolates.
When Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl and Millie the Maple Cat girl came to town, they loved to come to Laura’s shop and enjoy some chocolates with a nice cup of tea.

All of Laura’s chocolates looked very stylish, and they were so delicious they melted in your mouth.

One day, Freya and Millie had a question for Laura.
“How did you learn to make such wonderful chocolates?” they asked.
Laura told them her story.

“I’ve loved sweets ever since I was a little girl”, she said.
“My mum is a pastry chef and she made delicious sweets all the time. When she saw a pretty rainbow, she would make rainbow cookies to match.
It looked like so much fun. I decided to make lovely sweets too one day, and make people happy with them just like Mum did.”

As she listened to Laura’s story, Freya had an idea.

A few days later, Laura received a wonderful present.
Inside was a big rainbow cookie!
Freya had ordered it for her from Veronica the Toy Poodle mother.

Laura was very happy to get that cookie. It reminded her of when she was a little girl.
“I’ll make Freya some extra special chocolate to say thank you!” she decided.

Laura went for a walk to look for ideas.

“Freya likes these flowers”, she thought.
“And this department store is her favourite place to go.”
She looked up at the big building and had a great idea.

She decided to make Freya some chocolate shaped like the department store.

When Freya saw the gorgeous chocolate, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Wow!” she cried happily. “That’s amazing! It looks so yummy!”

As she looked at Freya’s happy face, Laura thought about how happy chocolate could make someone. “I’m going to make even more yummy chocolate and make even more people happy”, she decided.

The End


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