A Special Dress

Town Girl Series - Chocolate Rabbit -

Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister was a dress designer. Everyone loved her beautiful dresses.

One day, Saffron the Walnut Squirrel girl came in with Yardley the Walnut Squirrel mother to buy a dress.
Stella designed a lovely pink dress for her.
Saffron was very happy indeed. “How did you know this is my favourite kind of dress?” she asked.

Another day, Georgina the Maple Cat mother asked Stella for a dress for Millie the Maple Cat girl.
Stella asked Georgina all kinds of questions.
“When is Millie’s birthday?” she asked. “And what’s her favourite flower?”

This was how Stella knew how to design the perfect dresses for everyone. She asked them their favourite flower and birth stone and used those in their dresses.

Stella also loved chatting with her friends.
She would meet up with Lulu the Silk Cat older sister and Laura the Toy Poodle older sister and they would all tell each other about their jobs.

“When I design dresses, I don’t just think about the dress”, Stella always said. “I think about how I can make everyone feel pretty and enjoy wearing my dresses.”

Lulu and Laura understood just what she meant. They liked to make people happy at their jobs too.

One day, Stella got a letter from her little sister Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl.
“Mum bought me a lovely brooch”, it said. “Will you please design a dress that will look nice with it?”

The brooch was in the envelope. Stella imagined how happy Freya must have been to receive such a lovely brooch and couldn’t help smiling.
“I’ll make sure the dress is really beautiful so she’ll be even happier”, thought Stella.

And with that, Stella started to think of some designs for Freya’s dress. She put her heart into her designs, and thought so hard about it that she lost track of the time.

“Let’s see…which one will Freya like?” she thought.

Just then, Stella had a wonderful idea.
Along with her dress for Freya, she designed a matching dress for their mother, Teri the Chocolate Rabbit mother, so that Freya and Teri could wear them when they went out together.

Freya and Teri loved their new dresses. They came into town to meet Stella, wearing their lovely new dresses.

“This dress is just what I wanted!” said Freya happily.

Seeing Freya and Teri so happy made Stella very happy indeed.

The End


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