The Princess Who Played the Cello

Cello Concert Set

Lionel Grand the Lion pianist was a famous pianist.
Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl and Tiffany the Silk Cat girl loved his music. One day when they went to listen to him playing the piano, Mr. Grand said they could have some of his instruments!

“Thank you, Mr. Grand!” said the girls excitedly.
Freya chose a violin. Tiffany knew just what she wanted – a cello!

The girls started to practice every day.

Whenever they were at home, the sounds of their instruments could be heard from their houses.

Little by little, the girls learned to play beautiful melodies. Everyone in the village enjoyed hearing their music improve.

Soon it was Millie the Maple Cat girl’s birthday. Freya and Tiffany decided to perform at her birthday party as a present. The girls practiced hard every day until the party.

“Why do you like the cello so much, Tiffany?” asked Freya.
“The princess in my favourite story plays it”, replied Tiffany.
“I wanted to play the cello ever since. My dream was to play the cello just like the princess.”

“I wonder if I can make Tiffany’s dream come true”, thought Freya.

She decided to talk to her big sister Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister, who was a dress designer.

“Leave it to me”, said Stella. “I’ll make her look just like a beautiful princess.”

She looked at Tiffany’s book and made Tiffany a dress that looked just like the princess’s.
When she was finished, the dress looked exactly like it!

The next time Freya saw Tiffany, she brought her the dress. “You can wear this to Millie’s party”, she said.

Tiffany was very happy indeed.
“Thank you!” she said. “Now my dream has come true!”

At last it was the day of Millie’s party.
“Happy birthday, Millie!” the children all said.

Tiffany and Freya played their hearts out on their cello and violin.
Tiffany looked just like the princess!

Poppy watched them happily. Their beautiful music was the best birthday present of all!

The End


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