Freya’s New Brooch

Dress Up Duo Set

One day, Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl went to the boutique with her mother.
They found a very beautiful opal brooch.

Freya fell in love with it at first sight.
“Wow!” she thought. “It’s so pretty!”
Teri the Chocolate Rabbit mother noticed Freya admiring the lovely brooch. “That brooch is perfect for you”, she told Freya. “Opal is your birth stone.”

Teri decided to give Freya the brooch as a present.
Freya was very happy indeed.

“I want to wear my brooch somewhere”, she thought.
She tried it on with all her clothes, but she just couldn’t find a dress that looked right with it.

She decided to ask her big sister Stella.
Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister was a dress designer.

“Could you make me a dress that would go well with my brooch?” asked Freya.
Stella agreed, and sent the dress to the family’s house when she was finished.

Freya opened the box and squealed with joy when she saw the dress.
“Wow!” she said. “It’s just what I wanted!”

The dress was fancy and beautiful and it went perfectly with the brooch. Stella had even chosen a bag to go with it.
There was a letter from Stella too. “Wear this when you go out with Mum!” it said.

Stella had given Teri a brooch and dress too as a present.
“That was nice of Stella”, said Teri. “Let’s go and visit her so she can see us wearing these lovely dresses.”

That weekend, Teri and Freya went to town to visit Stella.
In their dresses, they looked like they lived there too.
They walked along the cobblestone roads and stopped for a rest on the terrace.

They enjoyed some delicious cakes and a cup of tea, looking out at the busy street.

“Where would you like to go next?” asked Teri.
“I’d like to go to the flower shop with Stella”, replied Freya.

Soon it was time to meet Stella. They had arranged to meet at a shop.
As Freya waited, she caught sight of her reflection in the shop window.
She looked so pretty! Freya smiled, admiring her reflection.

Just then, Stella arrived. “Thank you for the lovely dress, Stella!” she said.
“I’ll wear it to lots of places!”
And so she did.

The End


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