Always Together

The Maple Cat Twins

Daisy and Misty the Maple Cat twins were twin sisters and the best of friends.
When one of them smiled, the other would start smiling too.
Daisy liked music very much.
Every time she heard someone playing an instrument, she would grin from ear to ear.
When she did, Misty would start laughing along with her, and the sound of their laughter would fill the room.

Millie the Maple Cat girl liked to put flower garlands on their heads. She liked seeing them smile happily and start clapping their little hands.
“Those twins are such good friends”, everyone said.

Of course, there was one drawback – when one twin cried, the other cried too!
As it happened, Misty was very afraid of loud noises.
Every time she heard thunder, she got a big fright and started to cry. This made Daisy cry too.
Sometimes even Alfie the Maple Cat baby would start crying!

One day, Alfie played a toy horn in front of the twins.He was having lots of fun until the horn suddenly made a loud noise.
Misty jumped and was about to cry.
But Daisy thought the noise was funny and was about to laugh.
When the twins looked at each other, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Alfie looked from one to the other.

“Will they cry?” he thought worriedly. “Or will they laugh?”
Just then, the twins caught sight of Alfie looking back and forth. He looked so funny that they burst out laughing.
“They laughed!” thought Alfie. Relieved, Alfie started to smile too.

Theodore the Maple Cat father and Georgina the Maple Cat mother looked at the three babies as they laughed together.
“Whether you’re laughing or crying, you’re best friends, aren’t you?” they said.
Just then, Millie arrived. Seeing everyone so happy made her happy too.

“Did something nice happen?” she asked.
That was the Maple family through and through. When one smiled, the others couldn’t help smiling too. They really were the best of friends.

The End


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