Flowers Everywhere!

Millie the Maple Cat Girl

Millie the Maple Cat girl loved flowers.
She was very good at growing them, and her room was always decorated with flowers.
When she took care of them, she would talk lovingly to them.
“Here’s some nice water, now you can grow into big, beautiful flowers.”

All of Millie’s family gave her some help with her flowers.
“I saw some unusual flowers at the flower shop today”, her father would say. Her brother Jasper the Maple Cat boy bought her a book telling her about the special meanings that each flower had. And her mother always gave her advice about how to make beautiful bouquets.

One day, a sudden storm came. Worried about her flowers, Millie raced outside. When she got there, all of her family were putting them in a safe place. They were soaking wet, but they didn’t stop until every last flower was safe.
“Thank you so much, everyone!” said Millie. She decided to give them some special flowers as a thank-you gift.

The next morning, before her father went to work, Millie slipped a flower into his chest pocket.
“It smells lovely”, he thought.
The sweet smell of the flower put Millie’s father in a good mood all day.

Then Millie decided to press a flower and make a bookmark for Jasper.
“Thank you, Millie”, he said. “This will make reading so much fun!”
Then she put a flower garland on her baby brother Alfie’s head.

“Look!” said Alfie excitedly. “I look like a prince!”
With her mother’s help, Millie put flowers all over the house. She put wreaths on the door of every room and even decorated the family’s dessert with flowers.
“Oh my”, said her mother. “The dessert looks beautiful now!”

Millie loved flowers all the more now that she saw how happy they made people.
Her friends loved to see them too.
“Every time we go to Millie’s house, it looks so pretty”, they said. “And it smells lovely too!”
“Thank you, my family loves flowers a lot!” said Millie.

The End


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