The Surprise Gelato

Georgina the Maple Cat Mother

Georgina Maple the Maple Cat mother was very good at making desserts.
Her best desserts were her gelatos, which she made with fruits that were in season.
Whenever someone in the Sylvanian Village found some delicious fruits, they would bring them to her and say “Could you make a gelato with these, Mrs. Maple?”

“Oh, those look delicious”, Georgina said when some of the villagers brought her some strawberries and oranges one day.
Everyone in the village liked it very much indeed.

One day, Georgina got an interesting request from Patrick Petite the Bear father, who was the teacher at the village school.
“My students have been working so hard at their lessons”, he explained. “I want to give them a reward. I know they all love your gelato, so could you make them a special one? But don’t tell any of them!”

Georgina was happy to help!
The next day, the children had a request too!
“We really like our teacher Mr. Petite”, they said. “He always teaches us such interesting things. We’d like to give him some gelato as a surprise.”

“Leave it to me!” said Georgina, smiling. “I’ll think of the perfect gelato for your teacher.”
Mr. Petite and his children had both ordered gelato for each other!
“Maybe I should invite them all here for a gelato party?” she thought.

Georgina had always wanted to do something for the villagers, to thank them for the fruit they always brought them.
And so she did. She held a wonderful gelato party where Mr. Petite and the children gave each other their surprise presents. They were all very happy and surprised.

As they looked around at the beautiful decorations and the colourful, delicious-looking gelato, the children had to pinch themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.
“Help yourselves!” said Georgina.
Once again, Georgina’s gelatos had made the villagers happy.

The End


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