The Bus Ride to Nursery

Every day, the babies in the Calico Village looked forward to catching the bus to nursery.
The bus could do all kinds of fun things that made the babies laugh. It was like a little parade!

All the babies loved the front seats. They could see a wonderful view from those seats.
The babies took turns so that everyone could sit in the seat.
That morning, it was Ciel the Flora Rabbit baby's turn.

"Off we go!" cried Ciel from her spot above the driver's seat, waving happily.

Ciel and the driver's first stop was at the Persian Cat family's house.
But Ryan the Persian Cat baby didn't get on the bus.
"I'm staying home today," replied Ryan. "I want to play with the triplets."

"They can come with us!" said Ciel. "We can all play together at nursery!"
Ryan was very happy to hear that. They all hopped on board the bus, the triplets sitting happily in flower-shaped seats that went round and round.

The next pickup was Crème the Chocolate Rabbit baby.
But Crème was busy!
"I want to plant these seeds my big sister gave me," explained Crème, holding a shovel.

"You can plant them at nursery!" suggested Ciel. "We can turn the nursery into a flower garden!"
Crème thought that was a wonderful idea. She bounded onto the bus.

So they went on, picking up one baby after another. The last baby they had to pick up was Linnea the Husky baby.
Linnea was standing outside her house, looking worried.

"Amber and Jeremy won't get off their train," she said.
Amber and Jeremy the Husky twin babies were having so much fun on their toy train that they didn't want to go to nursery!

"What shall I do?" wondered Ciel. She thought and thought and finally she had an idea.
"You can sit here!" she said to Amber and Jeremy, hopping down from the front seat. "You can be the drivers!"

Amber and Jeremy sat in the front seat, giant smiles on their faces.
"Phew," thought Ciel.

Before long, the babies arrived at nursery and began playing.
"I hear you were a good helper for the bus driver this morning," said the teacher. Ciel felt very proud indeed.
"I love riding on the nursery bus with everyone," she replied happily.

The End


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