The Perfect Present

Everyone in the village knew that Ozzie the Penguin father and Sapphire the Penguin mother loved each other very much.
"Kippie! Pearl! Rocky!" Sapphire said to the babies one day. "Could you come over here a minute? I'd like to ask you something."
The babies came over, full of curiosity.
"Soon it will be your father's and my wedding anniversary," she said. "I want to give your father a special surprise to celebrate. What do you think he'd like?"
Pearl had an idea right away. "A big bath!" she cried. She loved baths. She would even grab the shower head and sing into it like a microphone.
Rocky, who loved high places, had another idea. "A slide!" he said.
Kippie, the most relaxed of the three, sat and thought for a while. He couldn't think of any ideas at all.

The next day, Ozzie asked the babies the same question! The babies' answers were the same.
"A big bath!" cried Pearl.
"A slide!" added Rocky.
But once again, Kippie sat and thought.
"What would Mum like?" he wondered.

Just then, Kippie heard music. It was Emilia the Snow Rabbit mother's ice cream van!
Kippie rushed outside. He loved ice cream and always ran up to the van when it arrived.

As Emilia gave Kippie his ice cream, Kippie asked her a question.
"My mum wants to give my dad a present and my dad wants to give my mum a present," he explained. "Do you think ice cream would be a good present?"
"I know what both of them love most" replied Emilia, smiling. "Your mum loves you, your dad and your brother and sister the most. And your dad loves you, your mum and your brother and sister the most. So I think I know what kind of present they'd like."
Emilia told Kippie her idea.
"Ooh!" cried Kippie. "They'll love that!"

At last, Ozzie and Sapphire's anniversary arrived.
"Present for you!" said Kippie. He was holding two ice creams, each one with a sweet little penguin face. Everyone in the family thought they were lovely.
As Ozzie and Sapphire munched on their penguin ice creams, they thought about how much they loved each other and their family.
"Here's to more wonderful years together!" they said.

The End


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