Special Delivery

Jolly the Reindeer father and Elm the Reindeer mother delivered things around the village.
They could deliver anything at all. They put the packages in the big trailer behind their bike to keep them from being bumped around.
Luis and Eve, their babies, were very proud that their parents had such an important job.
"Would you like to come with us and help?" their father said one day.
Luis and Eve were very happy indeed.
Off they went, Luis and Eve sitting in the trailer. Before long, they arrived at the house of their first customers, the Chocolate Rabbit family.
"Could you take this stew to Patrick?" asked Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit father.
"Certainly!" said Luis and Eve.

Frasier handed over a big pot. It was still piping hot.
Frasier loved mushroom stew, and was always making some to share with his friends.
"Won’t it be too hot to carry?" worried Luis.
"What if we spill it?" added Eve.
"Not to worry!" said Jolly and Elm, smiling. "We know just what to do!"

Jolly and Elm carefully wrapped the pot in a blanket and put it in the trailer.
Off they went, Elm's strong legs pedalling the bike carefully so that the stew wouldn't spill. Before long, they had arrived at Patrick the Bear father's house with the hot stew.
"Mmmm, it smells delicious!" said Piers the Bear Boy. "Thank you!"
He delightedly took the lid off the pot.

Luis and Eve were very happy too.
They spent the rest of the day going here and there, delivering the things the villagers needed.
As they came to the corner where the bakery was, they saw Apricot the Striped Cat baby sitting on the bench, looking forlorn. She had been out with her family but she had wandered away and got lost.

"I want to go home," Apricot said. She was very frightened.
"We'll take you home," said Elm. She picked Apricot up and put her in the trailer between Luis and Eve.
Apricot's family had been looking everywhere for her, and were very relieved to see that she was all right.

"That must be the cutest thing we've ever delivered," laughed Jolly and Elm.
Luis and Eve loved delivering all the more now.
"I want to do deliveries too when I grow up!" said Luis.
"Me too!" agreed Eve, as they trundled off on their next delivery.

The End


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