Ice Cream For Everyone!

Every day, Mrs. Snow, the Snow Rabbit mother, would come to the Sylvanian Land amusement park in her ice cream truck.

Mrs. Snow made all kinds of delicious things—ice cream with nuts and berries from the forest, sorbet made out of snow and chocolate ears to put on top. All the children loved Mrs. Snow's ice cream and waited for her to arrive at her usual time.

One day, Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl was on her way to the amusement park when she met Skye and Lyra the Persian Cat twins. The two girls loved all kinds of science.

"I'm going to get an ice cream," said Freya. "Are you coming?"
"Not today," replied Skye. "Do you see those clouds over that hill? We want to study them, and if we don't go right away, we might miss them."

Freya thought it was a pity that Skye and Lyra would miss out on getting ice creams.
"I'll get some for you two and bring them up the hill for you!" she said.

Not long after that, Freya met Ralph the Walnut Squirrel boy.

"Are you coming to get ice cream?" Freya asked him.
"I can't," replied Ralph. "I promised Dad I'd go home and help him with his new invention."

"I'll bring some for you, then!" promised Freya again.

"Thanks, Freya!" said Ralph happily. "I'd like a double cone with chocolate and vanilla."

Freya set off again, and saw the Pookie Panda family coming the other way.

"Aren't you going to get ice cream?" Freya asked.
"We don't have time," explained Mrs. Pookie. "We need to go to the market."
And once again, Freya offered to bring them some ice cream.
Tyler and Angela, the babies, were very happy to hear that!
By the time Freya reached the ice cream truck, she had promised to get ice cream for all the children and babies in the village!

"Hello, Freya!" said Mrs. Snow. "What would you like?"

Oh no! Freya had forgotten what everyone wanted!
"Mrs. Snow, I don't know what to do," said Freya. "I promised the other children and the babies that I'd bring them ice creams, but I can't remember what they wanted. And they were looking forward to it so much, too!"
"Don't you worry," replied Mrs. Snow, smiling. "I know just what to do. Hop in!"

Mrs. Snow drove Freya around the village. First they went up the hill where Skye and Lyra were studying the clouds.
"What would you two like?" Freya asked. Skye and Lyra chose their ice creams and Freya made them, chocolate ears and all!
"Thank you very much, Freya!" said Skye and Lyra happily.

"Next we need to go to Ralph's place, and then we need to go to the market," Freya told Mrs. Snow.
And off they went, delivering ice creams here and there.
"What a good idea this was," said Mrs. Snow. "I think I'll do this every day!"

The End


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