A Picnic by the Sea

The children in the village were going on a school trip! Their teacher led them up the hill, where they could see the sea.

Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl and Coco the Chocolate Rabbit boy couldn’t stop admiring the big, blue sea.

When they got home, they found themselves looking at their family’s painting of the sea.
“Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back there as a family?” said Coco.

“I don’t think we can,” replied Freya. “It’s too far for the babies to walk.”
“We can manage that!” their father chimed in. He had heard their conversation. “Let’s go on Sunday!”

Freya wasn’t so sure. Would her parents really be able to carry the babies all that way? She was even more concerned when she heard her mother saying “We must make sure to pack a big lunch and plenty of snacks.”

Soon it was the big day. The family had packed so much that Freya couldn’t imagine how they could carry it all the way up the hill.

Just then, Freya heard a “beep!” It was her father, driving a great big picnic van!
The van was simply enormous – all of the family and their luggage would fit just fine. Freya and her brothers and sisters couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Before long, everything was packed.
“Hop in, everyone!” the children’s father called. “It’s time to go!”

And off they went, zipping through the forest and mountains.
“Ooh!” cried the children. “It’s so fast!”
The babies waved through the window. They were having the time of their lives!

At last, the family arrived at the top of the hill.
“The sea!” cried the children. They scrambled out of the van and rushed to have a look at the big, blue sea.

Even the triplets in their pram were enjoying the lovely sea breeze.

“Time for lunch!” called the children’s father.
And with a few quick movements, he had turned the seats of the van into a table and chairs for a picnic!
The children all helped to set out the food and then began to eat happily.

When the family drove home that evening, the babies dozed in the back seat, tired out after all the fun they had had.

Freya looked out the window happily and was thrilled to see a beautiful sunset. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

“Well, that was a nice trip, wasn’t it?” said the children’s father happily.
“We’ll have to go somewhere in the van again soon,” agreed their mother.
Freya and Coco grinned at each other. They couldn’t wait to see where the family would go next!

The End


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