The Adventure in the Tree House

Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl, Carlie the Caramel Dog girl and Ralph the Walnut Squirrel boy had just read a new adventure story.

“Which part was your favourite?” asked Freya. “Mine was the part where they flew through the air by magic.”
“I loved how they went down the river on a log”, said Carlie.
“The magic path was amazing”, added Ralph. “They could go anywhere. I wish we could go on an adventure like that.”

Ralph’s father happened to hear this. Mr. Walnut loved to invent all kinds of wonderful things. Everyone loved his inventions and couldn’t wait to see what he would invent next.

Mr. Walnut was always on the lookout for new ideas, and the children had just given him a wonderful one. He would make a new playground!

All the other fathers thought that was a wonderful idea. But what should Mr. Walnut put in the playground? He asked the other fathers for suggestions.

“How about a tree house?” said one.
“And you could make a slide with log carts”, said another.
“Can you make swings that go up in the air?” said a third.

Before Mr. Walnut knew it, he had lots of ideas for the children’s new tree house.

Before long, he had built a wonderful adventure tree house in a big oak tree.
“Invite your friends over for an adventure”, Mr. Walnut told Ralph.

The children and babies were very happy indeed to see the amazing new tree house. And that wasn’t all!
“This tree house is the home of a wizard!” said Mr. Walnut. “Let’s go and find him!”

Off they all went. “He’s probably up the tree!” said Freya, hopping on a swing. The swing went round and round and up and up, and soon Freya was on the upstairs floor of the tree house.
The other children and the babies followed behind her and started looking in the secret passage. They looked this way and that, trying to find the wizard.
At last they found him.
“It’s Ralph!” they cried excitedly.

“I don’t want to go home!” said one.
“Can’t we play for longer?” said another.
This gave Mr. Walnut another wonderful idea.

Mr. Walnut got to work and built a cottage next to the tree house, where the children could eat their meals and sleep over.
Now the children had two wonderful new places!

The End


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