Ballet Theatre

Freya's Big Ballet Concert

Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl and Nora the Persian Cat girl went to ballet lessons every Wednesday. One day, as they headed to the school excitedly, they saw a fluffy white tutu in the window of the boutique.
“Look, Nora!” cried Freya.
“Wow!” said Nora.
“What a beautiful tutu!”
“I want to dance in a tutu like that one day!”
said Freya.
“Me too!” said Nora.
They were still talking about the beautiful tutu when they reached the ballet school.

Ms. Golightly, the Silk Cat mother, was the ballet teacher. She was the best dancer in the whole village, and had taught the children ballet for a long time.
“Un, deux, trois”,
she would say, counting time as the students practiced.
“Point your toes!”
The children held onto the barre and watched themselves carefully in the big mirror as they lifted their legs up high and stretched their arms out elegantly. After that day's lesson, Ms. Golightly had some exciting news for the children.

“We’re going to put on a concert at the theatre”,
she said.
“The lead role of the princess will be danced by Freya.”
Freya was very surprised! She rushed home excitedly and told her family. They were all very happy for her. Freya practiced every day from that day on. But the last pirouettes were very difficult. She tried twirling again and again but she just couldn’t get it right. Freya began to worry.
“What if I can’t do it during the concert?”
she thought.

When the day of the concert drew near, Freya’s mother brought home a big box.
“Your costume is ready”, she said.
Freya opened the box. Inside was a white tutu with sparkly decorations. There was even a silver tiara!
“I bet you’ll dance even better than before when you get on stage with these on”,
said Freya’s mother.
“Thank you, Mum!” said Freya.
She felt a little more confident when she looked at the shiny tiara.

At last the day of the concert arrived. The theatre was very grand, with off-white walls, pillars and a beautiful curved roof. When Freya opened the big doors and walked in, she saw a big stage with bright lights shining on it. Freya felt like she was in a dream world.
“Wow!” she said to Nora.
“It’s amazing!”
“I can’t wait until the concert”,
said Nora.
The children excitedly headed into the dressing room, where they changed into their costume. Ms. Golightly helped them with their makeup.

As Freya waited in the wings for her cue, she gently touched her tiara and hoped that her dance would go well. At last the first music of Freya’s dance played. Freya danced out onto the stage. She could see that the audience loved the children’s beautiful ballet, and as she danced, she felt like a real princess.

“Freya looks so pretty!”
whispered Crème the Chocolate Rabbit baby. It was her first ballet and she was thrilled. Then came the big moment - Freya’s pirouettes! She twirled once, twice, three times, four times, each one perfect! Freya had done it! Applause filled the theatre. The concert had been a success! Freya took her bows with a big smile on her face.



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