The Yellow Labrador family

Everybody Matches

The Yellow Labrador family were a cheerful family who loved each other and their friends very much.
Barker the Yellow Labrador father enjoyed taking photos and Lucy the Yellow Labrador mother was good at growing flowers. There were lots of beautiful flowers in the garden and the house was full of wonderful photos.
Their house was always full of visitors because everybody in Sylvanian Village loved to come and see their photos and flowers.

Sadie the Yellow Labrador girl loved to match with her family and friends.
One day, Lucy taught Sadie how to make flower garlands. Sadie made matching garlands for herself and Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl.
The garlands became very popular with the girls in Sylvanian Village. All of the girls wore matching garlands. Sadie was very happy about that.

Sadie’s favourite thing in the world was her dress that matched her mother’s.
Barker’s birthday was coming soon, and Sadie was really looking forward to taking a family photo in their matching dresses.
She suggested some matching clothes for her father and Buddy the Yellow Labrador boy too.

But Barker and Buddy didn’t want to wear matching clothes.
“It’ll be embarrassing”, they said.
Then Sadie had a great idea.
A while later, she gave Buddy some handsome checked trousers.
“The flowers said that wearing checked clothes will bring you good luck”, she said.

“Wow!” said Buddy.
“Thank you, Sadie!”
He was very happy with his new trousers.
Then Sadie gave her father a new shirt for his birthday.
“Happy birthday, Dad!” she said.

Buddy and Barker liked their new clothes so much that they decided to wear them in the family photo. When everybody was ready and standing in front of the camera, Barker and Buddy noticed something.
“Hey!” they said.
“We match!”
Barker's shirt matched Buddy's trousers.

Barker and Buddy were embarrassed but very happy.
They had wanted to wear matching clothes all along.
“They suit you!” said Sadie happily.
The photo was a wonderful memory for the happy family.

The End


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