The Striped Cat family

The Striped Cat Family's Wonderful New Map

The Striped Cat family were a cheerful family who were always full of energy. �@They loved going to the beach together, and always looked forward to their trips to the Sea Breeze Cape. �@One day in the summer holidays, Simon the Striped Cat father had a great idea:
“I’d like to make a map of the Sea Breeze Cape”, he said.
“I’ll put all the good places on it. That way you can learn more about the Sea Breeze Cape!”

The children thought it was a wonderful idea.
“We’ll help you!” said Sabrina the Striped Cat girl.
“We’ll go to the Sea Breeze Cape and choose places to put on it!” added Shane the Striped Cat Boy.
�@And so on Sunday, the Striped Cat family went to the Sea Breeze Cape, bringing their good friend Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl with them. Sabrina and Freya set off together on their bicycles to explore the cape.

“Have fun!” Amelia the Striped Cat mother called after them.
�@Sabrina and Freya rode along the path by the sea, enjoying the lovely sea breeze. Their first stop was the Sunflower Garden.
�@ “They’re so beautiful!” said Freya admiringly, surrounded by sunflowers that were taller than she was.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” said Sabrina, running into a patch of sunflowers.
“Come and find me!”
Freya could hear Sabrina but she couldn’t see her at all. �@After playing in the sunflower garden, the girls stopped at the vineyard and enjoyed some freshly squeezed grape juice along with the lunches that Amelia had made for them.

After lunch, Sabrina took Freya to a flower garden, and then canoeing in the sea. She wanted to put as many good things on her Sea Breeze Cape map as possible. �@Freya was amazed by how excited Sabrina was. �@And so Sabrina and Freya rode around the Sea Breeze Cape.

After their day out, Sabrina and Freya wrote down lots of great places for their map.
“That was so much fun!” they said happily.
“Thank you, you two”, said Simon, smiling.
“I'll be able to make a wonderful map now.”
�@A while after the end of the summer holidays, Simon’s map was finished.

Shane and Sabrina took the map to school with them.
“Wow, I never knew there were so many fun places at the Sea Breeze Cape”, said their friends excitedly.
Sabrina was very happy.
“Let's go to the Sea Breeze Cape together again!” said the Striped Cat family later as they admired their new map.



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