Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents

A Flower Garden in the Sea

The Chocolate Rabbit family made a trip to the Sea Breeze Cape. Their grandparents, Rhys and Patricia Chocolate, lived there, in a lovely house near the sea.
“I want to go to lots of places with my grandparents”, said Freya the Chocolate Rabbit Girl excitedly.

Rhys was the captain of the Seaside Cruiser and Patricia’s hobby was to go snorkelling and look at beautiful fish in the sea. They knew many beautiful places on the Sea Breeze Cape and had made Freya a promise in their letter
“We'll show you a special place when you visit us.”

They left early in the morning.
“We’re going on a tour of the Sea Breeze Cape!”
they said excitedly. The first place Freya’s grandparents took her was a lighthouse.
“At night, ships and boats follow the lights from the lighthouse so that they can find their way”,
said Granddad Rhys as he showed Freya around inside the lighthouse.

After they had walked around a sunny sunflower field and some orchards, Granddad Rhys said
“Let’s go and see a flower garden.”
He took Freya to the pier, where they got on the cruiser.
“Why are we taking the cruiser to see a flower garden?”wondered Freya.

After a while, as the boat headed out to sea, Rhys pointed to the shore. There it was, a beautiful flower garden.
“This is the best view of the flower garden”, he said.
“Your mother has liked it here since she was little”, added Grandma Patricia.

“So we’ve been taking good care of the flower garden because we wanted to show it to you as well.”
Freya was touched. She drew a picture of the flower garden from the sea and gave it to her grandparents as a present the morning she returned to Sylvanian Village.

“Thank you so much for showing me such a beautiful place!” said Freya.
“I'll be sure to come back!”
“We’ll look forward to seeing you again” ,
replied her grandparents. After the family left, Rhys and Patricia smiled happily as they looked at Freya’s picture of the flowers on the wall.
“We should take them to lots of different places next time too”, they said.



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