Freya the Chocolate Rabbit Girl, 2015

The Memory Cake

Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl liked to draw pictures and make sweets. And most of all, she loved to invite her friends over for a tea party. She would send her friends invitations saying
“Come to my house for some sweets!”
Each invitation had a delicious-looking picture of Freya's sweets.

Freya's friends loved her invitations.
“Just looking at them makes my mouth water!” they would say. Freya would decorate her sweets beautifully and lay them all out on the table before it was time to greet her friends.

“Lovely to see you!” she would say.
Freya put all of her heart into planning her tea parties, and her friends enjoyed them very much. One day, Saffron the Walnut Squirrel girl thought of something.

“Freya, do you remember that delicious cake we ate a long time ago?” she asked.
“I'd like to try that cake again.”
“I remember that cake too”, replied Freya.
“Let's try to make it.”
But Freya and Saffron had been very little girls when they ate that cake, and they did not remember it very well.

“I think it had nuts in it”, said Saffron.
“And there was cream on top...wasn't there?” added Freya.
The two girls tried again and again to make the cake like they remembered it, but none of their cakes were quite right. By then, the kitchen was covered in flour and the girls were about to give up.

Just then, Teri the Chocolate Rabbit mother walked into the kitchen with one of Freya's old sketchbooks.
“Is this it?” she asked.
There in the sketchbook was a picture of Freya and her family eating the first cake Freya had ever baked with her mother.

“That's it!” cried Freya.
“That's the cake!”
Freya had put a lot of work into making that cake, and she was so happy that everybody had liked it. She had drawn a picture so that she wouldn't forget, and her mother had kept it.
“Thank you, Mum!” cried Freya.

Freya, Saffron and Teri baked the cake again, arranging pretty strawberries and nuts so that the cake looked just like the picture. When Freya and Saffron tried this cake, it tasted just as good as they remembered. Freya and Saffron invited their other friends over for a tea party.

Their friends loved the cake. “Mmmmmm!” they cried.
“It's delicious!”
Freya and Saffron were so happy to hear that, they smiled from ear to ear. Their memory cake had brought them another happy memory.



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