Alfie’s Orchestra

Alfie the Maple Cat Baby

Alfie the Maple Cat baby loved music.
He was very curious about all kinds of instruments.
One day, Alfie’s mother took him to the school to hear the children practicing for their school concert.

When they arrived, Alfie heard some lovely music. He followed it into the classroom and saw all the children playing their instruments.
There were drums and cymbals making a rhythm, and beautiful flutes. Alfie was thrilled to hear so many instruments playing together.
“Oooooooh!” he said. He wanted to play lots of instruments too.

The next day, he tried to play music with the other babies.
“One, two, three!” he said.
But the babies’ music didn’t sound nice at all.
“Tweet!” “Honk!” “Bang, bang!” went their instruments.
And they were so loud that Daisy and Misty the Maple Cat twins started to cry.
“Sorry”, said Alfie sadly. “We won’t do that again.”

The Maple Cat children were sad to see Alfie looking so downcast.
“Let’s play together”, they said.
They taught Alfie how to ring a bell in time to a song.
“Why don’t you play it for the twins?” said Millie the Maple Cat girl. “They love music too.”
“OK!” said Alfie.

When the twins were sitting comfortably, Alfie sang his song and rang his bell. The twins liked the song very much.
“You’re good with the twins, aren’t you, Alfie?” said Georgina the Maple Cat Mother.
Alfie was very happy indeed to be praised like that.
And Alfie became even better at keeping the twins happy.

Soon there was even more good news. One day Millie invited him to play his bell in the children’s school concert!
At the concert, Alfie rang his bell in time with the children’s instruments, making a lovely tune.

Everyone clapped loudly when they finished. Alfie was very happy indeed.
“I want to learn how to play lots of other instruments too”, he thought. Now he loved music more than ever.
And so began Alfie’s dream of playing music on a big stage.

The End


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