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Enjoy the delightful country charms of the Sylvanian Families Field View Mill.

This rustic old windmill is a well known landmark in Sylvania. Field View Mill sits on top of a hill and can been seen a long way away. It used to make flour for all the bakers and cooks, but has now been made into a beautiful three storey house, with space for a bedroom, kitchen, and open up the doors and look inside the windmill to find the beautifully decorated interior. There are two circular balconies, and a foldout porch swing for your Sylvanian Families to sit and swing on. The sails of the windmill really turn, and the top floor has a working winch and bucket to carry things to the very top.

Sylvanian Families Field View Mill is a great home for one of your Sylvanian Families to live in, and is a great imaginative play set toy.
• Sylvanian Families windmill house play set
• Opens out to reveal three floors
• Two circular balconies
• Working winch and bucket system
• Observatory with telescope in attic

Figures sold separately

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